Idealism or Pragmatism

imageGoogle’s decision to drop H.264 video support from it ‘s chrome browser has caused a whirlwind amongst the web development community. Today the chromium blog went into more detail regarding it’s position and reasons for dropping H.264 support. The discussion from the community seems to fall into two camps.

Firstly, there are the pragmatists who point out that, software, hardware and workflows are geared up to support H.264 and that moving to WebM will involve an effort so herculean that the video market will fragment and HTML5 Video will not become widely adopted.

Secondly, we have the idealists. They believe, however painful the transition to WebM is, it will be better for the future of the Open web  and will ensure that future innovation is not stifled by licence fees.

On the web, as in life we need idealists and pragmatists… but on this issue which category do you fit into?

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