Tips for when to launch, staff, sell or give up #FOWA

IMG_1472Dane Atkinson from Squarespace ran through his experience launching, staffing, selling and raising money and when to change direction – or give up.

When to Launch?

  • Ignore your competition
  • Product is your only guide
  • Narrow scope and iterate

What about staff?

Admin/support is key, should be your first hire

Management is a tricky job – don’t hire more than 4 people if you want to continue doing your job exactly as it is, the trick is hiring people that can manage for you.

  • First hire for efficiency
  • Hiring is not linear, skip 30
  • Hire great whenever (don’t miss the opportunity if the person is outstanding)

Selling and raising money

  • Don’t raise on your heels
  • It’s either easy or impossible (it either flows, or it doesn’t – adapt it and try again)
  • Proactive, not reactive

Give up…?

If your aspiration is far away from where you are, change what you’re doing (iterate – if it still doesn’t work then know when to give up). Changing is key to any kind of success.

So to sum up:

  • Trust your instincts
  • Sense for stagnation
  • Not moving towards goal, pivot
  • The idea is not the value, you are

The time is now – next 5 years is hot, VC’s are ready to invest, so the potential is now – build it!

Published by Sara Allison

Sara is the editor of Ubelly - when not heads down scouring Ubelly articles for typos (and not always catching them), she's scouting for new writing talent. Give her a shout @SaraAllison if you've got something to say about development/design and want to be heard.

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