Halo Boys

Got an Xbox 360? You may have been one of the thousands lining the streets at midnight on Monday 13th to get their mitts on a coveted copy of Halo:Reach. This is the game people have taken a weeks holiday from work to play – whose Beta version 2.7 million people have already tested.

Gameplay is fully customisable and has already had rave reviews. And we can’t forget the jet packs – who wouldn’t want to be one of the guys in central London slipping on a Spartan suit and flying round Trafalgar Square?

Published by Sara Allison

Sara is the editor of Ubelly - when not heads down scouring Ubelly articles for typos (and not always catching them), she's scouting for new writing talent. Give her a shout @SaraAllison if you've got something to say about development/design and want to be heard.

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