Forget Hot Tub Time Machine–Here’s the YouTube Time Machine!

Heman YTTMWant to take a trip down memory lane? You’ve got to lose yourself in the YouTube Time Machine – I just picked a landmark year for me (first kiss) and found myself stuck in a time warp watching Black Sabbath’s born again interview and the trailer for Local Hero (yep, you guessed it, I’m old!). It’s a bit too US focussed (bring on a UK version and my boss might find my productivity levels dropping considerably) but still completely absorbing. Probably best kept for Friday afternoons rather than Monday mornings… Winking smile

Published by Sara Allison

Sara is the editor of Ubelly - when not heads down scouring Ubelly articles for typos (and not always catching them), she's scouting for new writing talent. Give her a shout @SaraAllison if you've got something to say about development/design and want to be heard.

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