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Windows Messenger IconWhen reaching out audiences online, we know that they’re not all in the same place on the same social network. Facebook with an reported 500 million users is the web’s most popular social network, but for bands and musicians, MySpace is still the place to be. I know I can share pictures on Facebook, but if i’m serious about my photography and I want to get comments from other photographers I reach out to the folks on Flickr. These days I try to Srcobble most of the music I listen to so I’m always checking out what’s going on Last.FM and reviewing the recommendations that it throws at me. There are many social networks and keeping track of what is going on on all of them can be time consuming, sorting the noise from information that is important to you has always been a very manual task.

Enter Windows Live Messenger. This new release still has all the familiar messaging capabilities that we’ve used over the years but new social network aggregation functions make this a powerful tool for managing your online presence. Allowing you to sign in to one place and then connect to the networks you use, view updates from your friends, fans, and respond directly from within Messenger – it’s fantastic. I have not needed to log into Facebook since I started using it.

The latest beta release allows you to connect to numerous social networks so you can view and post updates from one window. The big thing that I like about this is that I get to see updates in real time across all my social networks. I can see that my favourite artists are adding photos and videos to their pages on MySpace, my friends are sharing that content and discussing it on Facebook – I don’t have to visit all these sites daily so this is saving me a lot of time.

I like the ’Me’ tab. It brings up all of my social activity. It’s a great way to see what messages I’m putting out on the web, the posts I make on my blog, the pictures I’ve uploaded to Flickr, the social networks I’ve joined, the documents i’ve shared via my SkyDrive, videos I’ve liked on YouTube. It’s all there in one stream, in chronological order – my social networking history.

Here’s some of the services that you can currently connect to, brought to you by

Take a look and download the new suite of tools, connect your services and see for yourself –

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