Hot… or not?

mimobot-r2-d2How could these be anything but ‘hot’? Star Wars MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive – hopefully they’ll be coming to a store near you (i.e. in the UK) soon…

3D might be the next big thing in film, but is gaming a step too far? Gaming giants bet on 3D for next big boost – my bet is on 3D gaming reaching its peak in 5 years when we may have got around the need for glasses… ‘not’ (yet)

New Standard Hopes to Unify Your Address Book – in a post by Steve Plank we describe being able to manage all your social media accounts in one place – Messenger. The WC3 has recently published a draft of the contacts API to provide a unified address book of contacts, offering a way of standardising the way contacts are managed so individuals have more control over what applications use your data. Hmmm…. I’m too old not to care about privacy, so it’s definitely ‘hot’ IMHO!

Got a brilliant start-up idea but don’t know what to call it? .Dot.Com.Roulette does. Is this the start of a new naming convention? Might rely on roulette to name my pets! ‘Hot’.

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