Twitter Opens Data Centre, PHP 5.2 Support Ends and The End Of Digital Comics…?

Digital comics: Nemesis or sidekick to comic book culture? Do digital comics spell the end of the traditional comic books? Or, as in eBooks versus physical books and online news media versus magazines and newspapers, is it just another way to consume information and stories? No-one’s making me get rid of my CD’s and book collection…!

Mirah brings Ruby niceties to Java – currently for writing simple applications in what looks like Ruby but is actually Java, Mirah is still in its infancy with release 1.0 planned for later this year

After weeks of issues, Twitter Opening Its Own Data Center in Salt Lake City to mitigate downtime

Microsoft WebMatrix Is A Good Intro To Web Development – if you’re starting out in web development WebMatrix is a tool that will help – and you don’t have to use .NET, you can build using PHP too

PHP 5.2 support ends just as its adoption begins with the launch of 5.2.14 – better get migrating then!

Published by Sara Allison

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