Video HowTo: Creating a Deep Zoom with high-res regions

In previous posts I’ve described a number of different applications for enhancing the customer experience in online retailing (although of course these techniques lend themselves to many other applications as well) using Deep Zoom and Silverlight. In the next few posts I’ll be exploring how to achieve these effects.

I’ll start with this post in which I describe a Deep Zoom application that allows you to explore an overall image (some form of merchandise in the retail scenario) and embed regions of extremely high detail that can be explored. A typical example might be a jacket or a pair of jeans where you can roam around the item and seamlessly drill down into pocket / stitching / label details etc. The post contains a simple example which I recreate in the video.

The video describes the fundamentals of how to create this type of experience using standard consumer photographic equipment (digital camera, tripod) and a free tool called Deep Zoom Composer that allows you to combine the raw imagery and generate the Deep Zoom Silverlight application.

The resulting application can be embedded on a web page. Importantly there’s no requirement to host in IIS or use ASP.NET, the Silverlight application can be hosted on pretty much any web server and any type of web page (HTML, PHP etc etc). This opens up the possibility to embed extremely rich content irrespective of the web stack or framework at the heart of your application.

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