Call for papers for PHP North West 2010, ‘Messenger Connect’ API launches and How to Update to WordPress 3.0 with SQL Server

Fancy a Virtual PA straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey (or Woody Allen’s Sleeper for that matter)? That day may be closer than you think with a Technology Innovator’s Mobile Move

Want to integrate Messenger into your website? Microsoft has released an API called ‘Messenger Connect’ so now you too can Be Part of 300 Million “Shared Experiences” with Messenger Connect

PHPNW10: Call for PapersPHP North West 2010 is on 9th October, so if you’re heading along to Manchester for the event and want to share stuff you know, why not run a session ?

Running PHP on Windows? If you’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.0, this might come in handy – How WordPress Updates Work when Running the WordPress on SQL Server Patch

Codenamed ‘Froyo’, Google’s latest Nexus One release 2.2 includes Android Application Error Reports and a new UI framework – “car mode” and “night mode” controls allow applications to adjust their UI for these situations

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