BizSparkCamp for Windows Phone 7: Life’s a Pitch

It’s Tuesday 22nd June, it’s 4.30 and it’s time for the BizSparkCamp for Windows Phone 7 pitches to commence. Eight companies were ready and waiting to pitch their mobile phone application idea to a panel of ‘dragons’.

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Pitch Number 1

image Company: 21apps

Application: 21scrum

This two man SharePoint consultancy has become a micro-ISV and are ‘putting the scrum in SharePoint’. It’s an application that allows the user to easily manage scrum cycles and sprints using SharePoint 2010 and is accessible via browser, phone and of course on the PC.

21apps are talking about taking the application to the user – taking it out into large plasma / touch-screens and also to the phone so that developers can check what they need to do that day, wherever they are. The application will cover more than just the specific Scrum Development scenario and enable organisations to manage different types of task lists and projects.

Pitch Number 2

image Company: Cortexica

Application: WINEfindr

Cortexica are an Imperial College London spin-out founded in 2009 and now generating revenues. They’re looking at the evolution of visual search from bar codes / tag codes through to taking a picture and understanding what you’re looking at.

WINEfindr on the iPhone was the no.1 lifestyle application on launch, displacing Jamie Oliver.  The application works by taking a picture of a wine label and uploads it to the Cortexica vision system. This returns a wine, or a list of candidates, and enables you to compare prices. It’s hosted on Azure to scale and respond quickly.

WINEfindr differs from Google Goggles in that the user gets a 1 for 1 match rather than loads of data you then have to sift through. With Google you simply get back a picture of the world that Google has already built, whereas with this app many wine producers and retailers have been involved to create the library and metadata. This requires business partnerships – there is much scope for crowd-sourcing in this.

Pitch Number 3

Company: Intelligent Touch Solutions Ltd

Application: Mobile client for Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint.

Founded in October 2009, Intelligent Touch is a Microsoft Solutions Provider specialising in Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Surface and SharePoint 2010.

Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint enables you to connect to multiple systems and allows a user to render the data within the portal, as well as taking it off-line.  This includes ERP Data, e.g. modifying HR records off-line.

There is no mobile client for this and Intelligent Touch have built mobile integration to enable the reading and management of the information on Windows Phone 7.  It can actually run on any platform running Silverlight.

Pitch Number 4

image Company: ParcelGenie

Application: Instant gift messaging service (iGMS)

Parcel Genie enables anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Linked In account to send a real gift instantly without knowing where the recipient lives – you just need an email address/social network ID/mobile number and the recipient adds their address in to get the gift – which means the giver never sees the recipient’s address.

ParcelGenie is also on iPhone which allows instant sending from within the application without needing extra credit card information.

You can select a person from Linked in, Facebook or Twitter, select a person from that account, choose a gift and place your order. No subscription/credit card necessary. Gifts include fun retro style sweets like Fizz Whizz, Wham bars or candy necklaces to coasters, key rings and badges and you can get them wrapped in a picture of you from your social network data. ParcelGenie monitors the sales of gifts and regularly asks for customer feedback to ensure the gift list is appropriate.

It’s not only aimed at consumers but also businesses for B to E (business to employee) rewards, e.g. rewarding staff with real gifts rather than a gold star.


Pitch Number 5

realtimerace Company: Realtimerace

Application: An immersive 3D driveable experience

Realtimerace is a privately owned company. The application takes the Streetside View from Bing and creates an immersive 3D driveable experience, allowing the user to do anything from racing a car around the M25 to ski jumping/downhill skiing or joining a Formula 1 race. It’s delivered through video stream and is very quick.

Using a 360 degree camera on top of a car (yeah it looks like scaffolding) and laser units at each side, the result enables the user to ‘drive’ the vehicle left and right and also find out what happens when they drive it into the side of the track, for example. The BBC covered the application on BBC Click last year – you can watch it here.

The company want to take the application to Windows Phone 7, ideally giving it to the user for free.

Pitch Number 6

imageCompany: Replify

Application: Optimiser and SyncStor, to make networks faster and synch more easily between remote and local applications.

The company aims to help people by reducing the time wasted waiting for their computer or network. By learning patterns, protocol manipulation and caching, the applications can improve network speed by 10 times.

Replify see the applications being used mainly for businesses rather than consumers, with companies cutting down the time it takes to manage caseloads by starting the process as soon as they’re with the customer.

Pitch Number 7

Company: Richmond IP Ltd

Application: Auditing products for multiple platforms.

The auditing products created by Richmond IP help auditors (small companies/freelancers etc) to quickly and easily scope the audit, for example with inspection, evidence gathering and compliance checking.

For example:

  • Client management – including company details, audit calendars, reference methodology library, audit dashboard
  • Audit fieldwork – the auditor would take a picture which will have a date/time stamp and also has note style audio recording to tie in the image with the inspection. They can upload the data directly from the field.
  • Glanceable reference data.

The application includes a desktop offering and a cloud-based offering which would be used for the application on Windows Phone 7.

Pitch Number 8


Company: Touchnote

Application: Takes your digital photos and post them anywhere in the world as postcards.

Why? Because you can’t stick an MMS on your fridge ;)

The application is currently live on Symbian phones (Nokia and Sony Erickson), Android, iPhone and Blackberry and Touchnote want to bring it to Windows Phone 7, so are looking for developers to help them do that!

The applications uses a WYSIWYG front end and hooks into the native address book so you only see people who you have a physical address for and therefore can send the postcard to. The postcard is sent same or next day and is printed and sent locally so your postcard will actually get delivered before you get home for a change! It costs £1.49.

After some cogitation, deliberation and rumination, the judges made their decision.

And the winner was…


Congratulations guys! And thanks to Bindi at BizSpark for a great day.

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