Big Brother Deep Zoom Commemorates Final Series

Love it or hate it, you’ve had to have lived abroad or in a cave for the past 10 years to have missed Channel 4’s reality TV programme Big Brother. To help give the final series the send off it deserves, Shoothill have created a Silverlight Deep Zoom of past Big Brother housemates – zoom into the logo and find your favourite (or most hated!) character. Go on, you might not like Big Brother but if nothing else it’s a bit of mid-week fun to momentarily distract you from client demands ;)


Published by Sara Allison

Sara is the editor of Ubelly - when not heads down scouring Ubelly articles for typos (and not always catching them), she's scouting for new writing talent. Give her a shout @SaraAllison if you've got something to say about development/design and want to be heard.

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